How To Regroup After A Terrible Service

We’ve all experienced worship services that felt like train wrecks. Those times when you can’t wait to get off the platform and just go hide somewhere. But what do you do after that? What comes next?

Rich Birch writes:

Some weekends at your church are better than others. Things seem to fall into place and everything clicks. The band is in the pocket. The announcement time goes well. People connect with the message.

Then there are weekends that seem like a total train wreck. Everything goes wrong. Nothing seems to work.

The chances that you are going to have a few of these weekends every year are high. In fact, the odds are stacked up to ensure it will happen!

Here are some actions to take on Monday after a tough weekend at your church.

He goes on to list seven things to do on Monday after a really bad Sunday. Check out the whole list here.

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