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Musical Pastors And Pastoral Musicians

In his latest blog post, Bob Kauflin issues a call for Musical Pastors rather than Worship Leaders. And the difference is much more than just semantics:

Most people I talk to fall into the last category. They faithfully serve their church week after week for free or for a small stipend, and are being used by God to lift up the name and glory of Jesus. If you’re among that group, I thank God for you.

But an increasing number of musicians have full time worship ministry in their sights. They hope that one day they’ll be able to make a living playing their instrument, leading people in songs of praise.

That’s a great goal. But I’m not sure it’s the best one.

Bob goes on to list six reasons that Musical Pastor is clearer calling than Worship Leader, such as:

Your job description is actually in the Bible.
A worship leader might describe someone who plays a guitar on Sundays, a musician with a traveling concert ministry, the person on stage with the loudest voice, anyone in the band, the senior pastor, or someone who sings Christian songs. In contrast, God tells us what a pastor is supposed to do.

This is a fantastic article that every pastor or worship leader should check out. Read the whole thing here.

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