Lord's Prayer

Ruin Or Restoration

We become more like what we worship, and that’s something that can build us up or bring us down. Choose the wrong thing to worship, and you’re headed for destruction.

Aaron Williams writes:

In the book of Romans we see an interesting contrast when it comes to the OBJECT of our worship. The author, the apostle Paul, points out that our worship is aimed at either a) our ruin, or b) our restoration (Rom. 1:18-27; Rom. 12:1-2). If we focus our worship on created things instead of the Creator, we are aiming our worship at our own ruin instead of restoration. We could spend a lot of time looking into these passages, but the primary point that I would like to bring out of the text is this:

“If our “worship” to God isn’t changing us into Christ’s image, then our “worship” to God might not be real”.

Read Aaron’s full post here.

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