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Ten Tips For Worship Drummers

Mike Murray shares ten excellent tips for the drummer on your worship team. Here’s a great example:

Keep a very sharp eye on the worship leader during rehearsal and also during the set – during rehearsal as he walks the band through each song, and during the set in case he wants to repeat a section or, in many cases, when he feels the need to vamp or “soak” in a particular moment. It’s easy for a drummer to zone out at rehearsal while the leader is working the background vocalists, but don’t let it happen to you. Stay dialed in. At a moment, he may be ready to pick it back up from the 2nd chorus leading into the bridge. You need to stay on the ready to arm the metronome – or “click” – and count everyone back in. I once heard a well-known touring/recording worship drummer say, “The drummer drives the bus, but the worship leader owns the bus.” Make sure you lead the way with confidence, but remember the leader is in charge.

Some great advice for your favorite percussionist. Check out the whole list here.

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