When The Lyrics Hit Home

Kevin Riner discusses the relationship between how meaningful the lyrics are to us and how deep our worship goes:

What I am sure of is that musical worship is an experience that needs two things; lyrics and life. What I mean by that is lyrics need to be applicable to life experiences in order for us to respond. We can sing “How great is our God,” but if we haven’t recognized God’s greatness in our lives then our words are invalid. The same goes with the faithfulness of God or his works. God is faithful and the works of his hands are great but if we don’t recognize them in our life, our response when we sing, is a melody with no power.

If we haven’t recognized where God is faithful or working in our lives, then singing these songs will be a regurgitation of words that have no meaning. Regurgitation has no heart, it has no emotion, it releases no lament or joy. It simply voices words with no invested feeling. It’s apathetic. It’s indifferent.

When you connect personally with the lyrics to a worship song, you can end up at a much deeper place.

Read Kevin’s full post here.

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