Math Lesson

Worship Music Math

How many songs should your worship catalog include? How often should you repeat songs?

These are questions that any worship leader will have to wrestle with, and unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all” answer.

But as Jeff Carson points out, you can apply some math to help:

Even if you have multiple services on a weekend, most attenders make one. Most worship experiences are in the neighborhood of four songs per service, give or take. That’s just over 17 songs a month that the average attender has the opportunity to be lead in worship by your team. That is assuming of course they never miss a weekend service. Perfect attendance, probably not. So let’s say they make it every other week, or twice a month. That is about 8.5 songs per month the average attender has the opportunity to be lead by your team. If you have even a 50 song repertoire (assuming you don’t repeat a song) they would have to attend almost 6 months before they heard the same song twice. If your repertoire is half of that, say 25, they would have to attend for 3 months before they heard a song twice. At a repertoire of just 13 songs, assuming you sang all 13 successively without repeating, using the above example the average attender would have to attend 6 weeks before they heard a song repeated. Does your head hurt yet?

After running the numbers, Jeff explains how cutting down your song catalog can lead to greater congregational engagement. Really great post. Check it out here.

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