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An Emergent Liturgy

Trevor Warren writes about a blending of traditional liturgy and more modern worship elements:

The problem with today’s church is that we have succumbed to the culture of the world in order to become relevant. We have sacrificed our creeds and hymns for loud rock bands, flashing lights, loud speakers, etc. turning worship into more of a show rather than a place where we become engaged with God. The liturgical model that we currently have just simply isn’t sustainable. Only liturgy can efficiently engage and allow us during worship to be changed by God’s presence. Yet, like many of you, I really enjoy some of the aspects of contemporary worship. Some of my most powerful encounters with God have taken place while singing with the worship leader to “How He Loves” during communion. Often, I find myself experiencing God more during the contemporary worship rather than the traditional. Even services that go by the liturgy model can be un-engaging. But there is a difference between conformity and innovation. I wonder if there is a way to innovate liturgy into a more relatable model for today’s generation. Why can’t we sing hymns or praise songs with acoustic instruments instead of rock music? Why can’t we wear casual clothing to the traditional service? Why can’t we put the Apostle’s Creed up on the digital projector? Why can’t we engage our members in a way that is relatable yet still fully liturgical?

Great post about making traditional liturgy meaningful for a new generation of worshippers. Read the whole thing here.

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