Are We Really Having Communion?

Kenneth Loyer asks if we’re putting as much meaning into our practices as we should:

One Sunday morning during the frantic rush to get ready for church, Hannah asked her mom, “Are we having Communion today?” She was asking, of course, whether Communion would be part of worship for us that morning in our church. She then told her mom, enthusiastically, that she really hoped it would be. Yet the question points beyond the original context to a deeper meaning: Are we, as the church — at the local level, at the denominational level, and in the wider church — truly having Communion today, in this day and in this age? In other words, are we communing with Christ as closely as he invites and commands us? In that sense, are we having Communion today?

As Kenneth points out, the sacraments don’t mean much without a grateful, worshipful heart. Read the whole post here.

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