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Everything Old Is New Again

Brothers McClurg on what can happen when you re-introduce a song that people haven’t heard for a long time:

Soon after this fresh rediscovery of music, I decided to play the song I’ve Got a River of Life Flowing Out of Me during a Sunday worship service at my church. The results made me smile. I found that the older folks perked up and remembered how to clap, and the younger folks turned their heads, wondering what this “new” sound was. It was a glorious moment.

I think there are times when certain songs, even certain styles of music feel tired and need a break. This can be true of any art form, but especially of music. But everything comes full circle, and eventually we find a way to make old songs and old styles feel fresh again.

Reminds me of that time I did “For Those Tears I Died” for the youth group and they all thought it was a new song.

Read the whole thing here. Excellent insights on unexpected sources of great music.

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