Know Who You’re Writing For

Writing a song is so very different from writing an essay or a poem or a blog post. Those are meant to be read, but a song – especially a congregational worship song – is meant to be sung. And if you’re writing a song that other people will sing, you need to write it with them in mind.

Petri Nauha offers some advice on targeting your songwriting for a particular audience:

Songwriting for your audience can be a challenge. Who is your audience? What are you trying to convey? There are simple but profound guidelines that will help you define who you are writing for. As you keep working on your craft, you need to define whether your style is worship, Christian contemporary or (gasp!) secular, be it pop, metal or Sinatra. Spend plenty of time in prayer, because you need to know who you are as a writer and where God wants to place you to serve others through your gift. The following definitions are for worship songwriting, but they also work as a great foundation for Christian writers regardless of style and venue.

Read the whole post here.

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