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Letting Scripture Guide Your Worship Planning

How deeply is God’s Word involved in your service planning? Andrew Strickland writes:

So, this Sunday is approaching and you feel like the Holy Spirit is prompting you to share Scripture before a song. Where do you start? Which passage should you choose? What if you choose the wrong verses? I have asked myself these same questions. Here are just a few things that I hope will help you as you let Scripture lead your church.

Andrew shares six ways to incorporate scripture into the fabric of your worship service. The first one is probably the most important one:

Fall in love with reading the Bible: A great place to start when you’re planning to share is with your own personal study time. What is God showing as you pray, listen, and study the Bible? I know as worship leaders we can some times be guilty of just skimming through the Bible, looking for an applicable excerpt to set up a song. And sometimes, that works. Other times, it’s not enough for you to share a verse that doesn’t mean anything personally to you. There is so much potential for intimacy in the Body of Christ when we exhort one another with our own revelations that God has given us.

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