Mistakes For Worship Leaders To Avoid

Cody Davenport shares some common mistakes that worship leaders make, in the hopes that someone else can avoid them:

I like to think that in my 30 years I have gained a little bit of knowledge. Some about ministry, some about life as a ‘grown-up,’ some as a musician, and some other useless facts usually about random bands or Ohio State football. But to be honest, most of those things that I have learned have been from first choosing the wrong way to do it. So please read and learn from my errors so you don’t have to make the same mistake!

Here’s something that I fear far too many worship leaders struggle with:

I had thin skin.
I am pretty sure that you cannot be a worship leader without being a little bit of an artist. I mean that in a sense that you are participating in a foundationally ‘creative arts’ role. Because of the artistry involved, you take ownership of the things that you create. I don’t just mean the art forms we all know (graphics, videos, set design…) but also things like a set/worship flow, or lighting. All this to say, that when those things are questioned, critiqued or even shot down we (well the artist in us) almost take it personally, because that was our ‘art’ something that we created!

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