Hands Raised

Nice Music With Zero Impact

Tinashe Nyamukapa lays out what the center of our worship needs to be:

First thing is first: our worship has to be about Jesus. Before the lights, the sound, the style before every other thing we have so now idolized in our worship, ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS

The moment we forget this very important fact we will have a form of godliness yet denying the power of it, we will have nice music yet zero impact when all is said and done.

Reminds me of what Alice Dryden said in her interview: “I think it’s really important to root even the set list in what God has to say because unless God’s involved, Sunday’s just a sing along and a motivation speech, right?”

Check out Tinashe’s full post here. It’s short, but it’s a reminder we need all too often.

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