Passion Without Compassion

Singing, playing guitar, choosing songs – that’s the easy part of leading worship. David Santistevan explains the hard part:

I remember when I first started leading worship. College didn’t prepare me for the people part of the equation.

I knew how to arrange songs. I knew how to sing. I knew how to play guitar, piano, and drums. I knew how to schedule a team.

But I didn’t know how to love the church, serve the church, lead the church.

I knew how to have fans but I didn’t know how to lead those who didn’t like my music. I didn’t know how to lead for those who were buried under the weight of depression. I didn’t know how to pastor.

I didn’t realize that people weren’t coming to church to experience my creativity. They wanted God. They needed God.

Never forget that they’re not coming to see you. They’re coming to encounter God.

Read the whole thing here. Really good.

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