Review: Pursuit – Firefly

I was driving through some beautiful countryside yesterday, making my way home from my friend’s church where I had been invited as a guest worship leader for the week. The sun was shining, finally starting to remove the memory of a winter that had last far too long. FireFly’s Pursuit EP was playing, and the third track featured a synth line in the background, just barely audible, that made me pause. I felt like I knew it from somewhere.

I finally realized that it reminded of a keyboard line in a song by The Rentals back in the ‘90s. The song played on, the sun kept shining, and for a brief moment, everything was right in the world.

Musically, the whole EP feels like that moment: peaceful, contemplative, and somehow just right.

The EP features some really good lyrics, too. The opening title track has a line about pursuing God so passionately that we get to know the features of His face, a lovely picture of intimacy with our Creator.

The song “Wait A While” is written from God’s perspective, which can be tricky to pull off, but the song manages to be calming and relaxing, especially with the line: “I have a plan; it’s all in hand, My child.”

From the longing lyrics of the song “Breakthrough” (“break through all the defenses that keep me from You”) to the simple but effective repetition in the closing track “Outro,” FireFly has delivered a solid followup to her first EP.

Pursuit is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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