Hands Raised

Selfless Worship

Worship can either be selfish or selfless, but how do we tell the difference?

Austin Livingood writes:

God meets us where we are at on a consistent basis, but I must ask, do we do the same? These biblical examples show that the posture wasn’t directed to what they could receive out of their worship but rather what could be given. God responds to sacrifice and living a life of selflessness. A word that best describes this would be submission, which is defined as “the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person”…

…Without a question, God knew that this definition would be a part of this word. He knew it in the garden of eden when Adam was the world’s first worship leader and when the opportunity came to submit to God, Adam (and Eve, can’t forget her) chose the sin that entered the world. Afterwards, they hid in fear. In context of the worship leader, I think the “authority of another person” lies under a person named “Fear”.

He goes on to list three ways to worship selflessly. Click here to read the whole thing. Good stuff.

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