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Ten Ways To Increase Congregational Engagement

Tinashe Nyamukapa offers some advice on getting your congregation more involved in the worship service:

I have seen too many congregations just looking at the band/choir and doing nothing (just being spectators). Praise and worship is not just for the worship leader or the choir, it is for everyone. The congregation should be clapping with their hands, stomping with their feet, shouting their lungs out and doing everything they can to make God’s praise glorious. Remember that going to church is not going to a show/concert. We gather to worship the King of kings and everyone has to be involved.

He lists ten ways to encourage participation in worship. Here’s an example:

Beware of the sound levels– If the sound is too low things will be dead and the congregation will look at the band and choir, also if the sound is too loud the congregation will generally disengage from the worship. Check the mix: are the vocals being drowned by the instruments or are the vocals so loud that we can’t hear the instruments causing the worship team and subsequently the congregation to sing off key, are the drums too loud or are they too low, is the bassist keeping the groove or is the electric guitar overplaying on all of the parts. The aim is to have a balanced sound.

Check out the whole list here.

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