The Long Haul

I started running a few years ago, and I lost a lot of weight as a result. But the weight loss wasn’t instant – it took time and work to see the results. Ministry isn’t all that different.

Matthew Westerholm writes:

As a brand new worship leader, I loved choosing songs. I loved finding a new song that pounded my heart and changed my world. I loved arranging that new song so that the big key change would bring the shekinah glory. And when I placed five of these beloved songs in the perfect order, I was sure the heavens would rend, Christ would return, and the eschaton would arrive.

So, when the heavens didn’t rend on Sunday morning, I didn’t understand. Did I need volunteers who were more committed, or more talented, or more committed to talent? Did I need a pastor who was even more supportive? Was it the equipment? Or the sanctuary? And why couldn’t my congregation be more like those conference attenders I saw on that worship video?

Ministry impact is seldom immediate, and this post is a good reminder that we need to be in this for the long haul.

Click here for Matthew’s full post. Well worth a read.

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