Time To Simplify?

Jonathan Jones explains why you may need lead worship at a different instrumental skill level:

Worship leaders must adapt their skills to fit the needs of their particular context. As musicians, we want to be excellent in what we do, as we should, but our context may require something much simpler than our skill level. It could also, however, require a greater degree of skill than we possess, causing us to work and perfect our skills. For many worship leaders, however, we must realize that our skills may reach far beyond what is necessary in our context. This is not to negate excellence, but our primary role is to lead God’s people in worship. If anything distracts from that goal, we have failed as worship leaders. The attention of worship must be pointed toward Christ, not ourselves. We must, therefore, adapt our skills to fit the needs of our context.

It’s all about not being a distraction from the true object of worship. Read the whole post here.

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