Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Worship leaders, pastors, and everyone serving this weekend: know that I’m praying for you! I pray that God will bless you and stretch you and use you to grow His kingdom and expand His family.

As usual, I found lots of great links this week that I wanted to share with you but that didn’t quite fit into a post. When you get a few minutes this weekend, check them out and be encouraged and challenged. Maybe even learn something. 🙂

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Barnabas Piper explains how ministry kids can survive Sunday mornings:

For some pastors’ kids (PKs), Sunday morning is like walking the green mile, step by agonizing step closer to imminent doom. For others it’s mostly great with a side of frustration and annoyance. For most of my upbringing, I was in the second camp and occasionally slid into the first. What follows are seven suggestions for any PK that (as I learned, some at great expense) can help make Sunday mornings better.

Luke Harrington wrote an excellent piece of religious satire, complete with a perfect linkbait headline:

It’s kind of an open secret that most Christians haven’t read the Bible. Despite polls showing that 92% of Americans agree with the statement “Every word in the Bible is as true as the Bible, and also this poll wasn’t just made up by a guy who needed a quote for his lede,” most people have literally no idea what the Bible actually says… Your pastor doesn’t want you to read the Bible, because if you did you’d realize it’s full of verses that are obviously false and also completely contradict modern values, which are obviously the correct values, because they’re the modern ones. Like what? Well, here are just a few…

Chris Creech lists some of the faces you see out there in the congregation when you’re leading worship:

Every week, pastors, worship leaders, praise team members, and other people get the rare opportunity to look back at the mass of people in the congregation. I’ve got a few people on our praise team that I know make a point to connect well with the congregation. Sometimes, we have found ourselves joking around about the facial expressions being made. Now, we obviously don’t know what’s going on in your head. We don’t know the mentality or spirituality going on with you. You may not even know what your face looks like. You might be praying, trying to figure out if you left the lights on, or thinking about lunch. However, those facial expressions can easily give us a springboard to talk about the spiritual condition of a congregation. So let’s take a look at some.

Paul Wilkinson wonders if songs in the public domain are ripe for financial plunder:

So it was only a couple years back when someone more cynical than me — yes, it’s possible — suggested that perhaps the motivation for doing this was financial. Then it was more than one person. Freshly re-minted songs that were formerly public domain can be performed with mechanical royalties (album and print music sales) and performance royalties (concerts, radio, television and even CCLI playlists your church submits) flowing to the composer. Nice work if you can get it.

Charles Stone lists ten reasons why people don’t tithe:

Tithing is a spiritual discipline many Christians practice. In its simplest form it means giving back to God 10% of what you make. I’ve practiced it for years as a regular part of my giving. I tithe ‘plus’ to my local church and I give to other causes on top of that. However, throughout my 35 years of ministry I’ve seen 10 common reasons that church people give for not tithing. I list them below with a counter point below each.

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