What He’s Really Thinking

One of the worst experiences for a worship leader is looking out into the congregation and seeing that one guy who is just refusing to participate in any way. Sometimes he avoids eye contact with you; sometimes he stares you down. Either way, you know you haven’t exactly won his “heart and mind” this Sunday.

Graham Gladstone explains what the cranky-looking guy in the congregation just might be thinking:

You know the guy. The guy with his arms crossed, staring at you as you lead worship, sometimes singing. This is my guess at what he might be thinking, although, I sincerely hope that he wasn’t thinking all of those things on any given Sunday. And really, there are some maturity issues within that running monologue that need to be addressed. ‘Feed me and get me outta here?’ ‘I hope it’s so and so leading worship?’ Those ideas really flow from a self-centred view of worship – I come to get out of it what I want. That misses out of the 1 Corinthians 14 truth that the worship service is about everyone being built up as God is glorified and maybe that’s an issue needs to be addressed by church teaching.

Admittedly though, this guy makes some good points…

This is great. Read the whole thing here.

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