Why Assumptions Kill Ministry

Laura Blankenship reminds us that making assumptions is a great way to slowly wreck your ministry:

We all know about the importance of communication in our marriages and with our kids, so we recognize how vital it is within our family. The same is true about our relationships with our volunteers and with our leaders in the church. A prime example of this comes from the experience that I had with a friend who was a door greeter at my church, who I noticed hadn’t been at the doors in a while. I asked if he decided to take a break for and his answer honestly frustrated me. He said, “Well, I haven’t heard from anyone in awhile so I assumed they didn’t need or want me anymore.” When I approached the ministry leader to see what happened, her reply was, “He always did it on the first Sunday of the month so when he stopped coming, I just assumed he didn’t want to do it anymore.” Those assumptions cost this ministry a volunteer and put a chink in their relationship, and it all could have been avoided with proactive and preemptive communication.

Great post about the importance of timely communication for your worship team. Read the whole thing here.

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