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Why You Should Be A “C” Student

First, I apologize for the terrible pun in the title, but I’ve never been able to resist a terrible pun.

With that out of the way, Jamie Brown explains three C’s that should be integral to any worship leader’s ministry. Here’s one of them:

Congregational accessibility
From high-church to low-church, from rock-and-roll to smells-and-bells, from full-time production teams to volunteer worship teams, from rock star worship leaders to a sleep deprived young mother who told her pastor she’d lead this Sunday… We have a shared responsibility: to help people articulate praise to God in unity. It takes some creative theological hop-scotch for worship leaders of any variety to convince themselves that it’s OK if people in their congregations aren’t actively engaged, or at the very least, being invited to engage. We have to do all we can to help people sing along.

Check out the other C’s here.

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