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Why You Should Be In A Community

Being in community is a good idea for any profession, but especially for worship leaders, so we so often feel isolated. Cliff Lambert extols the virtues of joining or starting a worship leader collective:

During the short time I was part of the group, I had developed a couple of great relationships and we kept in touch, grabbing coffee from time to time. We would share what was going on in our ministries and talk about getting the group going again. Finally, I contacted a couple other worship leaders in the area and invited them to join us. At one point, there were about 8-10 of us meeting regularly. We went from having coffee to visiting each other’s churches to see our set ups and learn how we did ministry. In 2011, I took a ministry position in another state but our friendships and collaboration still continue as we share ideas and support one another over the miles through social media.

Cliff even shares a couple tips on starting to network with other worship leaders in your area. Read the whole there here.

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