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Worship Drumming Essentials

Mike Murray shares ten essential tips for worship drummers.

Here’s my favorite of the tips:

Transitions are both within songs (i.e. intros, outros, chorus/verse turns, entrance/exit of the bridge, etc.) and between songs (i.e. going from a fast song to a slow song or vice versa). These are doorways that can make or break – even train wreck – a worship set. Unless you’re playing to tracks, there’s a good chance tempos (Point #3), song arrangements, and transitions may fluctuate a bit from leader to leader and from team to team. This is what band rehearsals are for. When everyone in the band knows it’s “all in” at the top of a song, or “down 1st time” at the top of the bridge, and collectively they do these with authority, it genuinely brings a confidence to the song/set that can be felt from the congregation. On the flip side, blowing those intros/transitions can bring a pain so great, you’ll want to climb into the kick drum and hide.

Drummers, nailing those transitions will make or break the song!

Click here to read the whole thing. Full of great advice.

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