A Very Simple Reason People Don’t Sing More

There’s currently no shortage of opinions on why congregational singing is in decline. Some say the songs are too hard to sing. Some blame the band for being too slick. Some suggest turning up the house lights (while others say it’s best to turn them down). Still others say it’s because we’re not singing enough hymns (or too many hymns).

A post at Musicademy tackles this issue:

So many times I’ve heard people who run church services blame the congregations lack of singing enthusiasm on the congregation themselves. Putting it down to some kind of spiritual apathy, consumerist Christianity or even assuming that there must be some kind of personal sin.

But you know what, most of the time people don’t sing the songs purely and simply because…

Click here to read the whole thing. The reason listed is simple and, when you think about it, pretty obvious. But easy enough to fix.

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