Alternative Worship

Great post by Marianne Zahn about alternative worship as compared to contemporary worship:

It was into that realm of safety and privilege that alternative trends in worship and ministry began to speak, and much good was accomplished, particularly in areas of reviving lay involvement in leadership and the church’s duty to be a prophetic voice for the marginalized and against injustice. But as with every reactive movement, often the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater and next generations have to recover what was lost, which is exactly what has been happening with the Emergent church movement.

But a revival of interest in traditional forms does not mean that alternative forms should be tossed aside–clearly, that would be destined to form a vicious cycle. Alternative worship is a vibrant and necessary component of the worship life of any community, as long as those designing the worship have a clear understanding of what “alternative” means; it is not synonymous with “contemporary.”

Marianne provides some necessary context about the growth of non-traditional worship forms. Very interesting. Click here to read the whole thing.

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