Building A Songwriting Culture

Every group, every church, every community has a culture. And you can shape it.

Chase Wagner wanted to shape his community culture into one that placed a high priority on songwriting and creativity:

Almost four years ago I moved from Seattle to Lakeland, Florida to serve as the Campus Worship Pastor at Southeastern University. It was my job to begin a new worship community on campus- a community that had great CULTURE. A community that was organically relational and creative. We envisioned a community that valued original songwriting for the sake of writing specifically to what was happening on our campus. So far, it’s working.

Here are some things to remember when beginning A CREATIVE SONGWRITING CULTURE…

Chase lists five things to keep in mind to build a culture of creative songwriting. This one really struck me:

Songwriting makes you a songwriter. Not a worship pastor.

Good stuff. Check out the whole list here.

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