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Eleven Tips For Great Worship Team Rehearsals

Jed Smith lists eleven things you can do make your worship team rehearsals better:

Never underestimate the power of a good rehearsal. They go along way to improving the worship experience for your church and are vital in creating a healthy culture among your musicians. So don’t settle for poor or even mediocre rehearsals.

Here’s one I hadn’t thought about:

Getting your musicians to play music quickly will snap your musicians (and you) in the right mind set for the rehearsal. This will set the tone for the rest of the rehearsal. If you waste time before the first song, there’s a good chance it will be harder to get your team to focus between the rest of the songs. The simple act of playing a song right away will send the message that you respect everyone’s time and that you really want to make the worship set a good experience for your church.

In addition to the tips, Jed also explains three reasons that great rehearsals are essential. Check it out here.

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