Five Keys To Song Selection

Building a great worship set is more than just putting the songs in the right order to achieve an emotional response. It takes great care and much prayer.

Gangai Victor shares some wisdom to remember when putting your worship sets together:

I believe 50% of good worship leading is all about good song selection—the right songs by themselves will influence worship positively and reduce the pressure on the worship leader. So, it goes without saying that dropping the ball on song selection will usually shipwreck the worship!

Constructing an effective set-list requires diligent praying, meticulous planning and prudent prep-work. Here are five habits of worship leaders who deliver effective set-lists consistently…

And he points out, one huge aspect of selecting the right worship songs is loving the people in your congregation:

We also need to consider if it’s singable for the average person in the congregation and if it’s playable for our worship team (they are people too!).

Look for songs that are simple, engaging and easy to learn. For example, no matter how beautiful the song is, if I cannot learn it in five listens, it won’t get into my song base.

Click here to read the whole list. Good stuff.

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