How Scripture Helps Us Worship

Tinashe Nyamukapa shares about the ways that God’s Word informs our worship:

The word of God has to be the most important thing in the life of a worshipper. A worshipper should study, meditate and act upon the word. The scripture in Colossians indicates a correlation between the word dwelling in a believer and then psalms, hymns and spiritual songs coming out of that indwelling word.

Worshipping without a foundation on the word of God will lead us to be deceived. Remember that the devil knows scripture, he even quoted a psalm when he was tempting Jesus in the desert. It was only because Jesus was well versed in the scriptures that he then showed the devil that he was twisting the scriptures in attempt to get Jesus to miss the mark.

He goes on to list six ways that scripture helps the worshipper. Good stuff. Check it out here.

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