With A Megaphone By A Wall

Hype & Authenticity

Sometimes it’s okay to encourage the congregation to be a bit more expressive, but sometimes it just makes things worse. If you have to force it, then something else is wrong.

Russ Hutto on fake excitement and authenticity:

Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt like the worship leader was doing hype for hype’s sake? How many times have WE as worship leaders forced a “put your hands together” or “lift your hands if you’re excited” or “sing it louder” into our vocal cues?

Now, hear me out: there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with encouraging our folks to be more expressive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with modeling and coaching outward worship expression.

Where it becomes a little tricky (and can be wrong) is when we try and manufacture energy for the sake of having a high energy environment.

Manufactured hype will not make the worship service better or more engaging. Always remember that.

Read Russ’s full post here.

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