Hands Raised

I Choose To Worship

Joe McKeever explains the biggest problem with worship in the church:

As with every other task in the church, however, our biggest problem is the people.

This is why worship is work.

It can even be hard work.

It’s why worship has to be intentional and can never occur accidentally or unintentionally. (Imagine someone coming home from work or a ball game and exclaiming, “Guess what! While I was doing this other thing, I suddenly found myself worshiping. It was quite a surprise.”)

Each of us must decide to worship.

We choose worship.

We make up our minds to worship God in spite of ailments, noise, discomfort, and ten thousand other distractions.

But as Joe explains, all those distractions and problems are excuse not to enter into worship. It’s a choice we have to make.

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