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Knowing When To Quit

Robert Gifford offers some advice on knowing when to leave a ministry and when to hang on:

We all know that God has a plan, and our lives are just a part of it. We know that this plan could involve us staying where we are or moving to parts unknown. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where God is leading, and so the question is how do we know? Should I stay or should I go?

There is never a good time to leave. If things are going good, you feel as if you will be missing out if you leave. If things are going badly, you feel like you are just giving up on something that is difficult. However, there are times where God leads us to leave. Sometimes it is when things are good, and sometimes it is when things are bad.

Click to read the whole thing.

PS: I love that Robert quotes The Clash. If you write a post about worship and you refer to The Clash, there’s like a 100% chance that I’ll link to it.

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