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Leadership Roundup

Leading worship isn’t just about music. It’s also about leading people: the people on your team and the people in your congregation.

There are so many great articles on leadership being posted online, and I’m finding new ones every week. So that means it’s time for this week’s Leadership Roundup.

Below you’ll find some of the best leadership resources I came across this week. Save them to Instapaper or Pocket or Read It Later or your bookmarks, and check them out when you have some time this weekend. Be challenged and be encouraged. Be a better leader.

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Scott Williams lists seven effective ways to wreck your team:

She literally destroyed her staff and destroyed her team. Not only did she destroy them, she didn’t have the self-awareness to make the necessary adjustments. She was a “Leadership Destroyer.” In consulting over the last 14 years, I have seen and heard about these “Leadership Destroyers” more often than I’d like to admit.

Ron Edmondson explains how to build trust and influence with a team you’ve inherited:

I’ll never forget the first week in my current position. We have a large staff and it seemed everyone was on edge around me. It was awkward. I’m a pretty easy-going guy. I can appear intense at times, because I’m very driven, but I genuinely like people. My door is always open. But, it was tense. Eerily tense. The church had experienced a couple difficult years and they were obviously resistant to give immediate trust. I would have to earn it.

Charles Stone shares how leaders get into a downward spiral (and how to get out):

An aviation term called a death spiral describes what can happen to a plane in nighttime or poor flying conditions when a pilot loses his sense of the plane’s horizontal orientation. The plane can begin to spin uncontrollable. Unless the pilot pulls out, he can spiral out of control and crash. In ministry, leaders can often get caught in a similar downward spiral mentally, physically, emotionally, or relationally. When that happens, what can we do to pull out of it? The prophet Jonah illustrates what contributes to a downward spiral and what we must do to pull out of one.

Steve Boyce explains why being a great leader starts with being a great servant:

Leadership isn’t about being the first or the boss. It is about becoming a vital part of something that is worthy of your time and effort.

It isn’t about being a star in a star-struck world. I want to encourage you to shoot for something higher, something greater. I want to encourage you to become the right hand to someone. Become a Timothy to a Paul. Become a Joshua to a Moses. Become a Ruth to a Naomi.

William Vanderbloemen lists five ways to build a solid church staff:

The most expensive hire you will ever make is hiring the wrong person. Hiring can be scary, filled with many unknowns, but unless you want to be a solo pastor in a church of “us four and no more,” you’ll have to add to your team sooner or later… Apply these five tips, and you’ll be well on your way to making good hires that are productive and less costly.

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