Open Letter To A Worship Leader

Writing an open letter to a worship leader isn’t a new thing, but I always read them with interest. There’s almost always some insight worship leaders can gain from reading posts like this.

Neil Bennetts posted just such a letter. This part really jumped out at me:

The world doesn’t need more worship leaders who are looking for profile, money and recognition. Those spots are taken, and there are many more waiting in that line. The world is looking for worship leaders who live a fully surrendered life, who yield to the presence of God passionately, serve the least diligently, and sacrifice themselves constantly for the good of others. The world doesn’t need more perfect leaders who set the bar high and expect people to jump even higher. The world needs more broken people who are content leading other broken people to the feet of the healer. It’s far easier to be arrogant and critical of others and be part of their downfall than to act with grace, and be part of their flourishing.

It’s a common refrain, but one we need to hear over and over: don’t try to be a star. Just lead worship.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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