Preach What You Need To Hear: Songwriting Tips

Matt Redman shares some great songwriting tips with We Are Worship:

WAW: Fatherhood, the presence of God in the midst of suffering… are you aware of the seasons you’re in when you write?

Matt: Bono said, ‘I preach what I need to hear’ and that’s true of my writing. These are the things I need to hear from God. There are at least four songs on this new album that have the same theme as Blessed Be Your Name and You Never Let Go. There’s a rewrite of It Is Well With My Soul and lines like ‘the greater the storm the louder our song’. I was fighting it at first, thinking that I can’t keep on writing songs on the same theme. But when I remembered the Bono quote I decided that this was where I’m at, that I’m not writing ethereal, conceptual songs, but real songs that mean something to me right now. So I let myself keep on writing about it.

He also shares tips on collaborative songwriting, how to improve, and feeling a personal connection to your songs. Check it out here.

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