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Review: Bone By Bone – The Bright Expression

Usually, when I review an album, the first thing I hear is either a dotted eighth note with delay or the strum of an acoustic guitar. Neither of those is bad in any way, but sometimes it’s nice to hear something different. Bone By Bone by The Bright Expression was different right out of the gate.


The opening track, “Dancing,” is relentlessly upbeat and catchy. The little guitar riff that opens the song and returns throughout is one of my new favorite things. The song practically bleeds joy. Here, check it out for yourself:

See what I mean? The joyful music and the celebratory lyrics work together really well to form a cohesive whole. And that’s something that I appreciate about the album overall, in addition to clear lyrics and a super clean mix.

After that opening track, the album launches into “Kingdom Of Light” with a driving start. At the chorus, the falsetto vocals give the song a feeling of weightlessness that match the lyrics once again. That’s followed by “Consume Me Again,” with an intro riff that I can only describe as an earworm in the best possible way. And at the risk of repeating myself, I again enjoyed the clever interplay between the lyrics and the music (listen for the kick drum).

The title track was definitely my favorite of the bunch. With harmonies that reminded me of All Sons & Daughters, “Bone By Bone” goes from a plaintive piano intro and transforms itself into something epic and emotional.

Another standout track is “Doing A New Thing.” The organ-centric intro immediately brings to mind an old traditional church service. That sound is soon fleshed out by lush instrumentation. But about halfway through the song, it changes into… well, a “new thing.”

From the somewhat bluesy “Resurrect Me” to the anthemic “You Are Alive” to the dark and dreamy “Hidden Place” that closes out the album, this is a collection of songs that echo the cry of a worshipper who desperately wants to know the heart of God.

I can’t really overstate how much I enjoyed this album. I love the tight harmonies between the two lead vocalists, and I appreciate that the songs really take their time to stretch out. Nothing feels rushed. Everything feels just right.

Bone By Bone is available at Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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