Shelf Life

God’s Word will last forever, but most songs about Him won’t. Every song you lead has a shelf-life. One of the many challenges of leading worship is identifying which songs are aging out and which ones are holding up.

Adam Dolhanyk shares some tips on knowing which songs to retire (and when):

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. If you don’t recognize that every song has a season, then you won’t be aware and watching for when that season has its end. This doesn’t mean that every song you played last Sunday is out of date. But out of the songs you did lead, some where at the start of their life cycle, some where in an undefined middle, and some were quite possibly past their prime.

And of course, one aspect of eliminating expired songs is losing some that we personally love:

Sometimes I, the worship leader, am the lover of dead things. There are songs that still speak and minster to me personally, but are past their sell by date in a corporate setting. Having the discipline to value the needs of the church over our own desires is possibly the hardest part of our job.

Read Adam’s full post here. Great information on maintaining your worship catalog.

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