Shouldn’t We Be Together?

The modern church gets a lot of things right (not everything, but bear with me here), but we’re collectively not very good at multi-ethnic worship. Sunday morning remains sadly segregated in many places. This is to our shame, because it’s not an accurate reflection of what the church should look like.

David Manner writes:

If we are not meant to be segregated as we worship in Heaven, then why are we so segregated as we worship here on earth? How can we expect to have multicultural worship on Sunday when live monocultural lives the rest of the week? Monoculture originated as an agricultural term that means the cultivation and growth of a single crop at a time. According to church statisticians, that monocultural definition fits almost 90% of congregations nationwide.

If anything should bring us together, I would hope that it’s the worship of our Lord. Sadly, as David points out, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Read the whole post here.

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