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Six Keys To Worship Songwriting

Seth Rice has some advice for those who write worship music:

Alongside a zealous passion for Jesus, songwriting is huge passion of mine. I am eternally grateful that God grants me the opportunity to do something I love to worship Him. It’s amazing that God gives us gifts to enjoy, ultimately, to return those gifts back to Him for the uplifting of His name and to give Him glory. With that said, lately, I’ve been getting a good amount of questions concerning songwriting in a worship context. This is by no means a comprehensive, end-all-be-all songwriting post. These are merely steps that I methodically sift through in my mind when writing songs for the Church. Hopefully, these steps will be beneficial for whoever aspires to be a songwriter for the church or for the person who is actively doing so already.

He lists six points about worship music that songwriters need to keep in mind. My favorite was the last one:

I listed this one last, but it definitely isn’t the least important. I listed it last because, in my opinion, this is a “save the best for last” scenario. This is the last question that I come to because it’s what all of the other points are filtered through. A song may be all of the things above, but if it’s not going to resonate with the church (through a sermon series, the season we are walking through, or just general style) it’s a “no-go” for me.

It’s not a congregational song if the congregation can’t or won’t sing it.

Check out the whole list here.

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