Surviving Ministry Work With Your Spouse

Serving alongside others can be a challenge. Serving alongside your spouse? Whole new ballgame. You can’t focus on the ministry to the detriment of your marriage, but you can’t let Kingdom work slide, either.

I’ve done it (my wife played bass on my worship team and I volunteered in her children’s ministry), and while it isn’t always easy, it can definitely be rewarding.

Laura Blankenship offers five ways to survive and thrive when doing ministry with your husband or wife:

I have watched so many couples dive into ministry together only to burn out quickly and/or see their marriage fizzle. While my husband and I love being on staff together, if we’re not careful, months will go by without a date night. Or the week will come to an end and we’ll realize that our kids have been up at the church every day. There has even been a time or two where we have shown up to a staff meeting fresh off a marital spat and unable to set it aside.

For all of us who choose to serve and work with our spouse in the church, there will be a tension we must intentionally manage. In order to have any kind of longevity, we need to be proactive.

Check out the whole list here.

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