Worship Team

Ten Keys To A Great Worship Team

Kris Carey shares ten tips on building an excellent worship team:

The Worship (Singing) component of our church service is a critical layer of the overall experience you are creating for folks. In a lot of ways it sets the tone for the ‘flow’ of the service. The music component of worship can trigger all sorts of emotional responses of the congregation. This is why it is important that worship services are being led by the Holy Spirit.

In 1 Samuel 16:14-23 we read the story of Saul who is being tormented by an evil spirit. The bible says that when David would play his lyre, the spirit would leave Saul alone. David had learned how to usher the presence of the Lord into a room with his instrument. My prayer is that all of us would have those kind of moments in our worship services… the kind where people that are being torment find peace in God’s presence.

The focus isn’t on being talented or famous, but on learning to serve the local church with a heart and attitude of excellence.

Check it out here.

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