Age Divide

The Age Divide

This certainly isn’t the case with all or even most churches, but it’s no secret that many churches want someone young and cool leading worship, driving away all other contenders.

Russ Hutto suggests that this worship leader age divide isn’t something that pleases the Lord:

But here’s the thing that I believe grieves the heart of the Lord. the Kingdom of God, the Body of Christ, isn’t about appearance or age. It’s not about race or gender. It’s not about class or station. The Kingdom of God is all about loving God and loving one another. It’s about repenting and believing. I can’t remember seeing any Scripture or command anywhere in the Bible that says, “Those that lead worship in Spirit and Truth must also lead in youthfulness and be of hip appearance.”

The notion of TOGETHERNESS runs throughout all of Scripture.

As Russ points out, worship leaders with experience should be mentoring and raising up new leaders all the time. When you’re replaced, it should be because you’re ready to pass the baton, not because you’re no longer cool enough.

How old do you think is too old to lead worship?

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