Kids Singing

The Downside Of Kids’ Worship

Many churches have decided to send the kids to children’s church while the adults worship upstairs. And many people assume that because it’s mostly normal, it must be okay. But what message do we send our kids when we don’t worship together?

Paul Clark digs into the question of whether we gain anything by having the kids worship apart from the adults:

So when it comes to the means by which humans relate to God for eternity, namely corporate worship, we say to our children, “Go away!” Really? Oh, I know we would never present it like that, and we legitimize separating children off as being for the “good” (aka convenience) of any and all involved, trying to convince ourselves it is best for the children, best for the parents, best for everyone for children not to be in the corporate worship gathering with everyone else. Really? How is that working out?

Read the rest here. Paul doesn’t mince words.

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