The Woman Up Front

Emily Hamilton of the worship band For All Seasons reflects on being a female worship leader:

We had just finished a concert on the 5th night of a ten day run, when a young girl approached me at the merch table. She began to tell me how encouraged she had felt during our set that night. On top of her personal time of worship, she found herself inspired by the fact that there was another girl on stage. And that I wasn’t just an additional vocalist, but was leading the charge (with a band full of boys!). This girl had felt the call to lead worship, but her mind had been filled with doubts of whether it would be “realistic” because of her gender. I was floored…

I think we can have reasonable discussions on gender restrictions when it comes to some church leadership positions, and while I’ve seen very few female worship leaders, I don’t see where the Bible says a woman shouldn’t do the job.

Click here for Emily’s full post.

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