Teaching A New Song

Three Keys To Teaching A New Song

There’s a special we joy we feel in teaching a new song to our churches, isn’t there? But only if it’s done right. Teach a new song the wrong way, and it might never connect.

John Thornburg on teaching new songs:

There is unimaginable power waiting to be unleashed. It is the transforming power that God gives every worshiping community when they sing their faith. But too often we act as if people can’t sing, or don’t want to. We invite them to sing, but we don’t take the time to teach new songs.

I don’t mean turning toward the assembly and showing them a choir-director type beat pattern. I don’t mean singing the song through with full accompaniment and backup singers hitting the harmony and pretending that the assembly automatically picked it up. I do mean the following things…

John lists three steps we often when introducing new songs to our congregations. Check it out here.

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