Three Ways To Ruin The Worship Experience

There are countless ways to ruin the worship experience, but in this post, Rebekah Simon-Peter focuses on three of them:

But for too many churches worship has become rote. One call to worship, two prayers, three hymns, the offering and the sermon. Yes, you might add Holy Communion, announcements, a children’s message, a benediction, a prelude and a postlude. Maybe even a bit of comedy or drama. But it’s a fill-in-the-blank experience.

I want to share three ways we consistently mess up worship. And three best practices that can revive the soul of worship — for you, for others and for God. Longing for some mother’s milk? I have been to lots of different churches in my work. In my experience, these are the top three ways to mess up worship.

Rebekah lists three things we do that messes up the worship service, along with some things we can do to overcome them. Check it out here.

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