Two Kinds Of Songs To Cut

Chris Creech on worship music and treadmills:

Anybody own a treadmill? I do. I actually use it during the winter when it’s too cold for South Carolina blood to run outside. But did you know that about 40% of people just don’t use their home exercise equipment? Just takes up space in the basement. Also, they’re kind of boring. In fact, I have to take a tablet downstairs to watch Netflix or read a book just to keep myself going. I believe that part of a Worship Pastor’s job should be to eliminate songs that function like a treadmill. So what are these “Treadmill songs?”

Using a treadmill analogy, Chris describes two types of songs that we need to remove from our worship rotation: those that just take up space and those don’t really go anywhere.

Check out the whole thing here. Definitely worth a read.

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