What The Best Worship Songs Have In Common

Writing worship music is very different from writing performance music. Marty Nystrom has shared a list of ten things that are almost universal in great worship songs:

As a songwriter I’ve studied this list closely through the years. Not only have I watched it for worship trends but also for song elements that have remained consistent regardless of changing musical styles. Here are my “Top Ten traits” that are important in the success of these favorite worship songs.

Here’s a songwriting issue that trips up even the most well-intentioned writers:

Right-brained creative types love to break the mold and free themselves from the restraints of musical structure. Before abandoning traditional song forms, writers should remember that their audience is made up mostly of “left-brainers.” Their minds will be seeking a clear picture of how a song is ordered. They will not be satisfied if it leaves them feeling unsettled or disjointed. All of the CCLI examples contain solid song forms and are built with sections that are so distinctive that there is no question where the verse ends and the chorus begins.

Click here to read the whole list. There’s great information here for any worship songwriter.

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